"Miami" Steel 32" Modern Exterior Door With Glass
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"Miami" Steel 32" Modern Exterior Door With Glass

PRICE: $1,850.00
SALE PRICE: $1,199.00
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*All of the exterior doors are pre-hung with the framing. Handles and locks are included in the price. 


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"Miami" Modern Steel Front Entry Door With Glass and Special Moisture Resistant Veneers 





Our new exterior doors with a new sleek and sturdy appearance are one of the top selling doors on the European market. Thanks to innovative technical solutions which make the doors lightweight as well as rigid and durable. The door leaf is based in order to avoid any thermal bridges. The special moisture resistant veneers used in the production of these doors guarantee resistance to abrasion and UV radiation for a long term heavy use.  Safety features include two solid locks and hinges with 3 anti-theft position adjustable wings on two levels.






Standard Characteristic Features :

  • Heat Transfer Coefficient  U Value / U=1.0 [Wm2k]
  • Leaf 57mm thick filled with rigid polyurethane foam , sold with doorjamb
  • 3 three-way adjustable hinges
  • Interlocking bolts
  • 2 acrylic gaskets , in the lead and the jamb
  • Strike plate with regulated pressure to the leaf
  • 2 separate locks
  • Drip sill ( in case of doors opening inwards)
  • Door Jamb wooden , veneered in the same color as the leaf , aluminum threshold and a thermal break


Size : W 35 3/4" x H 82"

Door Entrance : W 32" x H 80"

Rough Opening Needed For Installation : W 36 1/2" x H 82 1/2"

Price : $1,350.00

Construction : Metal Sheets , Foam , Outside  PVC Veneer

Door Handles : Schaffner

Locks : Anti-Theft 3 Point Locking System / Canadian Structural System

Door Opening : Right Swing In and Left Swing In Options Available 

Pre Hung Exterior Door Includes Frame and Hardware






 ** Do Not Use Power Tools To Regulate Hinges ** 



Manufacturers warranty void if:

- Door is being exposed to direct sun light for most of the day. Direct sun shine can heat the glue causing metal elements to come off as well as deform the door surface causing bulges or cave ins.

- Constant and direct rain is hitting the door. Inward opening door can sometimes leak if strong and direct rain is acting upon the door. To reduce chance of leaking it is recommended that if such weather conditions are present, you use storm door or door awning. It is also recommended to use granite flooring or tiles insead of wooden floor in close premises of the door.