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"Jade" Satin Nickel Finish Modern Interior Door Handle

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 Upgrade your home or business with high end design modern and contemporary interior door handles. We offer a wide selection of door models available in several different designs and finishes.




Jade Satin Nickel Finish Contemporary Interior Door Handle









The jade interior door model is available in a satin nickel finish with a rounded square rosette. Door handles includes tubular mechanism. The handle is available in a left and right handed. To determine whether you need a left or right handed door handle, refer to the image below. Each door handle comes with a pin. To lock a door, you simply you press on the pin for the door to lock. To unlock a door, you press on the handle down. This handle also comes For installation you can choose whether to install the pin. It comes with a latch of 2 3/4" backsets.This handle can used to for any door thickness from 1 3/8" to 1 3/4". Also, it accommodates with ANSI grade 3 standards. Only single tool installation necessary and these door handles are standard door preparation. Each handle comes with installation instructions.