French Patio Doors Prehung - W 48" x H 84"
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French Patio Doors Prehung - W 48" x H 84"

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Tilt and turn patio, balcony and french doors are ideal doors to have in any type of home, whether it is for a residential or commerical home. They can be used for new construction and as replacement. The functionabilty is quite different from other type of windows. There are many advantages with these European quality patio doors.







Size Available : W 48" x H 84"   














Tilt and turn french doors have wider extent of the functionality and are much easier to open. The doors open inward from the hinges on either the left or side side and they are tilted inward from the top. Tilting the door in the inward is perfect to have some breeze inside inside of your home. When you turn the handle into the open position, the window will be fully open and this is when you will have the most air and ventilation as possible. PVC doors are much quicker and easier to open than other types of doors. They are also much easier to clean and to maintain. These doors are low in maintenance and you will also except the windows to not crack, fade, bend, corride and decay. In addition, PVC tilt and turn french doors are resist to any types of weather conditions. 











 Each one of our french doors are are safety double paned with low e-glass and argon gas which they are also sound reduced at 32 DB. When these doors are installed, there will be much less noise coming from the outside in your area. For all of the windows, the UV value is 0.19. Tilt and turn french doors are energy efficient which controls temperatures, especially with cooling and heat. Since these windows are greatly insulated, you will also save money when paying for bills.

































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