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"Canal White" Ventless Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace

PRICE: $459.99
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" CANAL WHITE " Modern Free Standing Ventless Ethanol Fireplace

PRICE: $459.99




  • Measurements : 27" x 13" x 15"
  • Ventless : No chimney , electric or gas lines needed
  • Easy and No Maintence Required
  • Table Top / Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace : Can be Used Both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Ethanol Burner : Stainless Steel
  • Color - White
  • Glass - 2x Tempered Glass




  • Never fill fuel while unit is still burning or hot.
  • Fill no more than ¾ full.
  • Use only long lighter to ignite. Initial ignition may have a high flame close lid half way to light.
  • Insert burner into fireproof materials only.
  • Never install burner into plastic or wood.
  • Using a burner with flammable materials is at your own risk.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • This fireplace will produce heat, but should not be used as a main source of heat.
  • The fireplace must only be installed on a solid surface of non-flammable material. Be sure to keep any flammable materials such as drapes/curtains and any decorations at least 4 feet away from fireplace.
  • Do not place any items on top of or inside fireplace.
  • Do not touch the fireplace while lit or still hot.
  • It is extremely dangerous and forbidden to use bio-ethanol car fuel or any other unapproved fuel.
  • Always use a funnel to fill the fireplace with fuel.
  • Never add fuel to the burner while fire is burning or unit is still hot. Allow at least 15 minutes for fuel tray to cool down before refueling.
  • Do not ingest bio-ethanol fuel and avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Spilled alcohol must be removed with an absorbent tissue and cleaned with water to prevent ignition outside the burner reservoir.
  • Be sure to have a fire-extinguishing device in the proximity of the fireplace in case of emergencies.
  • Never leave a lit fireplace unattended.
  • Keep children and pets away from the fireplace. Do not cover the fireplace; do not place any flammable materials or clothing on the fireplace.
  • Do not smoke when filling the burner with fuel.
  • Store your fuel containers away from any heat source.
  • Be sure to store and keep your fuel away and out of reach of children and pets.
  • To adjust flame height, use extinguisher tool to open/close burner lid.
  • Please use the extinguisher tool provided in the kit. Never blow out the flame in order to put it out; this will only increase the flame.
  • If you wish to extinguish the flame before the fuel has completely burned out. Please use the extinguisher tool to fully close the opening of the fuel can, and wait until the flame is extinguished. Wait approximately 30 minutes until the burner has reached room temperature. Only then dispose of the remaining fuel.
  • It is forbidden to modify this fireplace in any way.